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We are a club formed in 2001 to promote pigeon/poultry/waterfowl/special exotic bird breeding as a hobby. The survival of many rare/heritage breeds are only surviving as a result of hobbyists breeding them, which is why it is important for Clubs to promote the raising of them and provide the opportunities to show them. Our Annual Show in Wetaskiwin gives us an opportunity to include a rabbit, small bird and other small animals in our show to expand knowledge of other hobbies and for families to enjoy.

As one of the few Poultry/Pigeon/Waterfowl Shows left in Alberta, we encourage envolvement of all ages in the hobby by enabling the public the opportunity to see these beautiful animals in one setting. A petting zoo gives young and old the opportnity to see and hold animals they may not have had before or in a very long time. We want families to come out and enjoy the show and have some fun during our show.

Thank you all for your support of our show and hope to see you in Wetaskiwin in February.

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