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For Bantam, Fancy Pigeon, Game Bird, Homer Pigeon, Large Chicken, Turkey and Waterfowl.

1. All entry forms and payment must be in one week before show date. Please allow sufficient time for mailing.
2. Late entries will cost .50 per bird more.
3. Please make cheque payable to:
Box 40, Site 1, RR3
Ponoka, AB T4J 1R3
4. Telephone entries will not be accepted.
5. Entries must be made on official N.C.A.P.A. entry forms or copies must include pertinent information as requested. Entries will be judged in classes as listed on the entry form. Please enter Class Numbers and Section Letters carefully.
6. All N.S.F. cheques returned will result in an automatic $25.00 service charge.
7. In making an entry, the exhibitor agrees to be governed by the rules and regulations.
8. As a precaution, exhibitors are urged to vaccinate for I.L.T.
1. All entries must be accurately completed on official N.C.A.P.A. entry forms or photocopies, and must include colour and variety specifications or they may be rejected.
2. All entries must be clean and healthy. The committee reserves the right to reject entries suffering from disease or shown in an unfit condition, and can order the removal of those entries at any time.
3. If you are entering an exhibit which does not have a class listed in this program, please specify on the entry form and classes will be created as necessary.
4. All entries must be the bona fide property of the exhibitor at least 30 days prior to the date of the show.
5. Entries competing must be a fair and reasonable representative of their type and breed, and must show sufficient merit to warrant an award.
6. No one except the officials and attendants of the show will be allowed to handle the exhibit without the permission of the owner. Any exhibitor caught tampering with or in any way injuring exhibits of any competitor will be disqualified. This is in no way intended to prevent exhibitors from handling their own exhibits during the show, but is intended to prevent others from doing so.
7. The judge shall have power to withhold awards at his/her discretion and will be instructed to the effect that no award is to be given unless the exhibit is worthy.
1. Leg band information is not required on the Entry Form
2. Seamless leg bands are mandatory for pigeons.
3. Band number must be entered on the coop card when caging pigeons.
4. All birds will be judged in the class as written on the entry form.
5. No birds will be shown from flocks which have had an infectious or contagious disease for at least six weeks prior to entry closing date. Exhibitors who make an entry do so with the distinct understanding that they abide by this regulation, and guarantee that their stock has been free from disease for the period stated.
6. You may make substitutions within class provided the class and section remains the same as the original entry.
7. All specimen must be exhibited in their natural condition except for as follows:
-Cockerels may be shown natural - Games and Game Bantam Cocks must be dubbed - Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks can be pinioned
- Turkeys may be denoded or debeaked
8. The latest revised American Standard of Perfection shall be the guide in all standard varieties.
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